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  • How to support Slapse?
    Thank you that's very kind of you :) Slapse is entirely developed by myself (Thomas Ascioglu) in my free time. If you want to support the further development and see cool features coming, please consider the following options: 1. Buy the pro version 2. Donation (see link at the bottom of the website) 3. Tell your friends & family to help grow the user base. The more users, the more time I can allocate on developing the app. 4. Share your Slapse videos on social media with #slapse or #slapseapp and tag @SlapseApp on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, ...
  • What's included in the pro version?
    Besides the basic features, the pro version includes the following additional features: • Backup & Restore your pictures with your personal Google Drive. • Export videos in high resolution (4k, 1080p). • Remove ads. • Remove the Slapse watermark (feel free to keep it and help Slapse to reach more people).
  • How to transfer data to a new phone?
    Backup & Restore can be found in your Settings. It is possible to backup (upload) and restore (download) your local app database and pictures to/from your personal Google Drive. The Database contains all your settings and information about your Slapses (Like name of the slapses, template, blurred faces, main face, etc.). The pictures are the raw image files. In order to transfer everything to a new phone, follow the following steps in this exact order: On your old phone 1. Backup the database 2. Backup the pictures On your new phone 1.Restore the database 2. Restore the pictures
  • An incorrect face was detected, how can I change it?"
    1. Tap the picture in the gallery (this will open the detail view of the picture). 2. In the detail view: Long press on the face, which you want to select as the main face. 3. A new menu will pop up at the top and you can select the smiley icon.
  • What does the smiley icon in Animation do?
    When pressing the smiley icon, you set the template of the active Slapse to the current picture. This means all other pictures will be rotated and scaled to align with the main face in this picture.
  • Why is there a red triangle on some pictures?
    If you see a red triangle with a exclamation mark on top of a picture in the gallery, it means that Slapse couldn't detect a face in the picture. In this case Slapse can not align the picture in the animation.
  • Why does my imported picture show 1970-01-01 or an incorrect date?
    If you import a picture and it shows 1970-01-01 as date, it means that the original image doesn't have a creation date set in it's Exif data. If it shows a different but also incorrect date, it means that the Exif creation date is set to an incorrect value. What is Exif? The EXIF data is part of an image file and it contains Information about the camera, creation date and other information. To change the date/time of a picture (this will also change the Exif data of the image): 1. Tap the Picture in the Gallery, which will open the detail view of the picture. 2. Press the calendar/clock icon to open a date/time chooser. 3. Choose the correct date/time and press "OK". 4. Press back and "Save" if asked to save changes.
  • How are pictures sorted?
    Pictures are automatically sorted in chronological order (by their creation date). In the gallery the latest picture is on top. In the animation (video), the latest picture is in the end.
  • How to delete a picture?
    1. In the gallery tap the picture (This will open the detail view of the picture). 2. In the top right menu you can find the trash icon to delete it.
  • How can I blur a face?
    1. Tap the picture in the gallery (this will open the detail view of the picture). 2. In the detail view long press on the face, which you want to blur. 3. A new menu will pop up at the top and you can select the blur icon.
  • Why is Slapse not available on iPhone?
    Slapse started off as a fun project for myself during my bicycle world trip. As I received good feedback, I decided to make it available for everyone. I'm an Android programmer and do not develop iOS apps so far. If you are an experienced iOS vdeveloper and want to help developing Slapse, please reach out to me.
  • Where are my pictures saved?
    From version 0.4.0 onwards, all pictures are saved locally on your phone (Internal Storage/Pictures/Slapse/) WARNING: Do not delete this folder or files inside with an external app. Otherwise you will lose your data.
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